6 design trend dell’Istituto Marangoni per DDW

Jul 09, 2018 admin

Design students at Istituto Marangoni have created 6 mood boards for 2018/19 trends exclusively for Design Diffusion World

Italian and international students attending the prestigious design courses Istituto Marangoni from Milan did a trend scouting operation. After participating in the Fuorisalone 2018 week with the enthusiasm of photojournalists passionate about design, they summarized their research on trends with 6 photo boards that they have dedicated to Design Diffusion World, publishing house that, both on paper and online, has a constant relationship with the world of design and emerging talents. Here are the mood boards that, with their kaleidoscopic effect, illustrate the characteristics of each trend better than a thousand words.


The closest to the world of fashion, with metals and textural patterns, it imitates the elaborate decoration of jewelry for precious interiors.

Trends Board ‘Bijou’‘CORALLO’ TREND

A very vivid color that evokes both nature and artificial materials. For a sophisticated design that loves to astonish.

Trends Board ‘Corallo’


Revival of the Fab Seventies with interiors that avoid natural light to the advantage of colored, artificial light, with rhythm given by special effects.

Trends Board ‘Disco’


It rediscovers and reinterprets graphic motifs in 2 and 3D, both in bright and muted tones: decoration is back!

Trends Board ‘Graphic’


A playful mood, but not completely. It features symbols and evokes thriller-like atmospheres, lightening the final result with colors.

Trends Board ‘Terrific’


The ‘pampering’ trend changes but, year after year, is reconfirmed due to the heart-felt need to live in interiors that are ‘soft’, even in shades.

Trends Board ‘Cocooning’