Wide-Brimmed Leghorns for This Summer

Jul 04, 2018 admin

Giusy Bresciani’s hand-woven leghorns are a must-have for elegant Milanese ladies and not only

Hats and wooden molds in Giusy Bresciani’s atelier in Milan

In her atelier of great historical value (located at via Bernardino Zenale 15, Milan), among scenographic decorated flats in wood and glass by Enrico Job, Giusy Bresciani, a very creative lady from Milan, takes us to a magical world made of countless hats and elegant headdresses.Straw hat for summer

The hats designed by Giusy Bresciani for summer 2018 are largely hand-woven leghorns, modeled on wooden molds and entirely made in Italy.
Light headdress in softly woven straw

Just some particularly wide-brimmed hats characterized by less dense weaving are made of extremely light rustic straw from Bangladesh.Leghorn

Tailor-made headdresses, unique buckles or particular accessories make the outfit more precious, also while wearing a swimsuit, and amaze and amuse at gala or offshore evenings.
Giusy Bresciani’s atelier in Milan

[Text Giulia Bruno]