Alik Cavaliere – L’universo verde

Jun 25, 2018 admin

Palazzo Reale, Milan, dedicates an exhibition to sculptor Alik Cavaliere and his dialogue between human constraints and the freedom of nature

Twenty years after the death of Alik Cavaliere (Rome 1926 – Milan 1998), a sculptor of the late 20th century to whom the namesake Artistic Center is dedicated, Palazzo Reale will house, from 27 June to 9 September 2018, an important anthological exhibition titled ‘L’universo verde‘ (free entry), which will retrace the artist’s development, focusing on the theme of nature.

La  fine di un amore 1962_porcellana_bronzo

The works exhibited at Palazzo Reale will highlight the different phases and themes treated by the artist, who sometimes worked on the border between design and artistic craftsmanship, from the monumental Metamofosi of the late ’50s to the innovative character Gustavo B. of the early ’60s.

Enthralling masterpieces such as Quae moveant animum res, Omaggio a Magritte, 1963, and the famous Monumento alla mela, 1963, will be displayed.

The exhibition will also focus on a recurring theme in the artist’s poetics: the cage as a symbol of the limits and constraints impending over mankind. As he said, “the cage represented a sense of oppression of something we cannot escape from. I caged also memories and things that had gone missing. Nature bloomed outside this cage.”

Promoted and produced by Comune di Milano-Cultura and Palazzo Reale, the exhibition is curated by Elena Pontiggia in the prestigious Sala delle Cariatidi. 

[Giuseppe D’Orsi]