Race Robotics Lab in Singapore

Jun 21, 2018 admin

Ministry of Design have created dynamic spaces and bold black&white geometries for a laboratory for the promotion of industrial automation

The entrance of RACE Robotics Lab in Singapore

RACE Robotics Lab ( is a new 243 sq m technology hub in Singapore designed by local architectural firm Ministry of Design (MOD). The laboratory is an institution run by PBA Group (a holding company that manufactures and sells aerospace components and IT services) and industry professionals, dealing with education and the introduction of robotics and automation in modern industry, aiming to drive the so-called Industry 4.0.

The interiors as seen from the lobby

The interiors of RACE Robotics Lab have been designed around the concepts of versatility, dynamism and captivating graphic/visual solutions. This multifunctional laboratory is used to showcase ‘robots’ and cutting-edge machinery as well as to host lectures and workshops.

Black and white are the achromatic colors that characterize the interiors

The MOD team pursued an aesthetic ideal of ‘industrial futurism’ creating flexible spaces with rigid shapes and edges, using two essential colors, black and white. Right from the entrance, some white lines cut the completely black space, causing a lack of perception as well as an optical illusion and an anamorphic experience due to the disorientation when trying to recognize the boundaries of floor and walls.

Black and white are the achromatic colors that characterize the interiors

A perfect combination of technology, innovation and high impact graphics to introduce a difficult yet essential subject for the future. A very near future. [Text Annamaria Maffina – CI&A Photography Photo Edward Hendricks]