Venice Biennale 2018: Australia

Jun 20, 2018 admin

The Australian Pavilion hosts ‘Repair’, totally green installation featuring grasslands, a call to rebuild the relationship between nature and architecture

The Australian Pavilion, designed by Denton Corker Marshall in 2015, at the Giardini di Castello, hosts the installation ‘Repair‘, realized by the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and commissioned by Janet Holmes à Court AC, at Venice Architecture Biennale 2018 until 25 November 2018.


‘Repair’, Australian Pavilion, Giardini, Biennale 2018 [Photo Rory Gardiner]

‘Repair’, curated by Mauro Baracco and Louise Wright of Baracco+Wright Architects in collaboration with artist Linda Tegg, addresses Biennale’s theme FREESPACE focusing on the role that architecture can play in repairing environmental, social and cultural damages.

Australian Pavilion, project by Denton Corker Marshall (2015), Giardini, [Photo John Gollings]

To present this concept, the curators have created three installations: Grasslands Repair, a grassy expanse with about 10,000 plants belonging to 65 species of Australian western plains grasslands, intended to establish a dialogue between architecture and endangered plants; Skylight, a lighting installation simulating the solar energy necessary for the plants to survive; Ground, enveloping experimental videos shown in the Pavilion to present 15 Australian projects featuring different interpretations of the concept of ‘repair’ understood as mending and restoring the built environment. [Text: Arianna Callocchia]

‘Repair’, Australian Pavilion, Giardini, Biennale 2018 [Photo Italo Rondinella, Courtesy La Biennale di Venezia]