The New Idea: Wallpaper for Façades!

Jun 15, 2018 admin

Unbelievable but true: the outdoor wallpaper that changes façades with a thousand designs is in fiberglass, resistant to weathering and dirt

It seemed impossible that wallpaper could come back in vogue in the interiors, but in the third millennium it is a must. Also thanks to the digital illustration techniques that allow for customized solutions, hyper-realistic textural effects, macro and micro patterns…even on facades.

Labirinth by Instabilelab

The real news is that now wallpaper can even be used to cover the exterior of the buildings. It isn’t paper of course: Venice-based company Instabilelab offers a wide range of designs on Fibratex, a fiberglass fabric treated with the Tex Dekor resin characterized by specific properties for outdoor walls and a matt effect. It is resistant to weathering but it also has a strong aesthetic impact.

The Vertical Garden by Instabilelab: trompe-l’oeil effect of a green wall, obtained with outdoor wallpaper

Architecture purists are allowed to disagree, but this innovation does not go unnoticed. Residential, hospitality and other buildings (already existing or still to be built) are given the chance to have a unique look while, in the past, decorative experimentation on façades used ceramic or colors. Instabilelab states it is taking on a challenge: after revolutionizing the interiors, it has passed to the exteriors with “exciting, irreverent and unpredictable projects that want to amaze and engage.”

Rose Garden by Instabilelab, single-family home customized with a romantic mood

Outdoor walls have to be specifically prepared with an abrasive to make it easier to hang wallpaper. The final two-component resin Tex Decor also offers a superficial slip reducing dirt retention. [LB]

Lines of Colours by Instabilelab, classic stripes renew with colours a facade