From Raw Clay to ‘Raw Less – ceramica d’autore’

Jun 13, 2018 admin

11 Italian designers have participated in the Raw Less creative project, realizing objects with an aesthetic and functional value that are now on show at Art Basel

Marta Sansoni, My Head is a Jungle, vase

Presented to the public at the Patrizia Pepe showroom during Milan Design Week 2018 and exhibited at Art Basel ( from 12 to 17 June 2018, these vases, centerpieces and small altars meet the requirements set by Marta Sansoni ( and Alessio Sarri (, the authors of the Raw-Less project. The collection is distributed by Florence-based Galleria Antonella Villanova (

Alessandro Mendini, Abissinia, vase

Eleven ‘totemic’ sculptures with a decorative and practical function tell the – sometimes autobiographical – stories of eleven designers who have not lost their ability to dream. Raw alludes to the initial heaviness and rawness of clay that disappears – Less – thanks to the skilled hands of Sarri, an extraordinary ceramist.

Massimo Mariani, Zuccovaso n.1, vase

Giampaolo Babetto, Sergio Maria Calatroni, Nathalie Du Pasquier, Anna Gili, Johanna Grawunder, Massimo Mariani, Alessandro Mendini, Andrea Ponsi, Franco Raggi, Marta Sansoni and George Sowden worked on their subjectivity, dealing with large sizes.

George Sowden, B.W.R.Y., centerpiece

The designers’ cultural upbringing, personality and adventures emerge from the design objects as forms of art-design, nurturing the dialogue with different spheres of creativity.

[Text Giulia Bruno – Photo Marta Sansoni]

Based on “Raw-Less” by Giulia Bruno, “” column, Design Diffusion News #239