Gelato Museum: between history and all you can eat

Jun 08, 2018 admin

Near Bologna, thanks to Carpigiani, it is possible to discover the history of the art of making Italian gelato in a museum, taste some and even become ice-cream makers for a day

Good news for ice-cream lovers: the Gelato Museum exists! From snow wells to sorbet in the 13th century, up to the rise and worldwide spread of ice cream, which became the flagship of Made in Italy: all this can be found in the only museum in the world that gives a detailed account of the history, culture and technology of artisanal ice cream, in the headquarters of Carpigiani, in Anzola nell’Emilia (Bologna).

Carpigiani offers an interactive path focused on 3 themes: the historical evolution of ice cream, the history of production technology, the history of places and ways of enjoying ice cream. Unique in the world is the space dedicated to processing methods, which is there because they are strictly connected to the end product: from the reconstruction of the oldest sorbet makers, with the various proportions of ice and salt, to modern pasteurizers and batch freezers.

For the real gelato lovers, Gelato Museum organizes workshops after the tour. The museum displays the reconstruction of an ice-cream parlor of the early 20th century, amazing accessories and tools of the trade. For the most daring and for the real fans, ‘Gelato MasterClass’ is the workshop that transforms its participants into ice-cream makers for a day. And, if you cannot resist ice cream, ‘Gelatology’ is the all-you-can-eat tasting that will make you discover all the facets of cold desserts: sorbets, creams, single servings and ice-cream cakes. [Cristina Provenzano]