B&B Italia Rediscovers Luigi Caccia Dominioni

Jun 07, 2018 admin

B&B Italia has signed a licensing agreement for the exclusive production and distribution of some original pieces by Luigi Caccia Dominioni, icons in the history of Italian design

Catilina chair, designed by Luigi Caccia Dominioni

During the Salone del Mobile di Milano 2018, Luigi Caccia Dominioni was the protagonist of an exhibition at the Chiostri dell’Umanitaria promoted by B&B Italia. The company has recently signed a licensing agreement for the exclusive production and distribution of some of his most famous pieces, such as the Catilina chair, the ABCD armchairs, the Cavalletti tables, the Cilindro pouf, the Monachella lamps and many others, receiving the cultural heritage of a master of design and postwar Milanese and Italian architecture.

Architect Luigi Caccia Dominioni portayed by Agostino Osio on one of ‘his’ Catilina chairs

This post is a preview of ‘The Heritage of Caccia Dominioni’, article published on DDN June 2018 in the Design Stories column. In Laura Galimberti’s article, Giorgio Busnelli, President of B&B Italia, explains the reasons for this choice and the value of this project for the company. The article ‘The Heritage of Caccia Dominioni’ will also focus on architect Caccia Dominioni’s life and works.

The exhibition dedicated by B&B Italia to Luigi Caccia Dominioni in the Hall of the Frescoes of the Umanitaria during the Fuorisalone 2018.

ABCD armchair

Cilindro pouf

Cavalletto table

Monachella Lamps

Text Laura Galimberti