Tom Vack’s Exhibition: Beyond the Lens

Jun 04, 2018 admin

Moroso showroom in Milan will host ‘OPenEYe / double visions’, a personal aesthetic research by photographer Tom Vack, famous for his design photos

On the occasion of Milano Photofestival and Milano PhotoWeek, American photographer Tom Vack will present a series of images describing his research (parallel to his well-known work in photography for design) prompted by the desire to express himself outside of his well-established career in Italy. OPenEYe/double visions’, curated by Ester Pirotta, will be set up at the Moroso showroom in Milan, from 5 to 30 June 2018.

The exhibition represents a visual interpretation of reality obtained through overlapping places, people and objects that create images that sum up a personal aesthetic research, translated and interpreted also thanks to the potential of digital technology, which makes it possible to intervene on the picture so that what the photographer’s eye sees beyond the lens can emerge. [Text Laura Galimberti – Photo Tom Vack]