Terrazza Martini Milano: Updated Look and Mission

May 30, 2018 admin

The famous ‘lounge on Milan’s roof’, for its 60th anniversary, has been completely renovated by Il Prisma, updated as a business center and focused on Martini brand

Since 1958 Terrazza Martini has been a fashionable venue but, above all, a center for the promotion of culture, entertainment and corporate information on the Italian and international level. It has just been (re)inaugurated after the renovation entrusted to Il Prisma that redesigned 1,100 sq m, 5 halls for events distributed over 3 floors and of course the extraordinary panoramic rooftop that dominates Milan from the skyscraper on piazza Diaz.

With their appearance, the routes reveal surprising points of view, with interactive walls, transparencies, reflecting surfaces and optical illusions that constantly evoke the identity of Martini as a brand. Also the chromatic choices are inspired by the colors of the most famous Italian cocktail in the world!

A considerable transformation also in functional terms: in addition to using its spaces for professional and social needs, it will be possible to liveexperiences linked to the brand and the consumption of its products, an authentic Brand Home. A new space for events and meetings is the Business Center Martini and among the new experiences offered are the Masterclasses Martini Aperitivo, addressed to the general public.

The new Cocktail Bar in the Lounge on the 15th floor, with an extraordinary chandelier

Although this is a general restyling, it respects the heritage of a brand born in 1863, which has always been able to renovate itself (in 1993 it merged with the Bacardi group). For example, the original windows that, along with the mirrors, reflect light and panorama in the interiors, have been preserved, and a‘Time capsule’ recalling the celebrities who have been attending the terrace since the fabulous ’60s has been created. International stars visited this place and the previews of films that marked an era took place there. We can also find contemporary interpretations of the historical Martini posters by Alessandro Giorgini.

The restoration aimed at the extension and enhancement of the three floors. The uppermost, the 16th, was ambitious enough to go even higher up with a panoramic bridge higher than the old gangway. This is the vantage point where the cocktail hour takes place.

[Text Lucia Bocchi – Photo Vincenzo Lombardo/Getty Images for Terrazza Martini]

Particular of the ‘Discovery Wall’ interactive wall: the mobile parts make up the Martini logo, and each tile contains a drawing of an officinal plant of the secret recipe of Martini. It can be customized for events.