Tilla®: mosaic 2.0

May 29, 2018 admin

‘A room with a view’ is the fantastic installation by Gupica for the new collection Grand Tour of Mutaforma that includes the tiny glass tiles Tilla®

Evanescent landscapes, travel souvenirs, mosaic symmetries and reiterations of decorative geometries guide the visitor along a path made of colors and delicate transparencies: this is ‘Camera con vista’, the installation-project curated by Gupica in the spaces of Casa TILLA®, devised for the launch of the Grand Tour collection designed by MUTAFORMA | augmented materials.

The installation at Casa Tilla (Via Aminto Caretto 6, Milano), inaugurated during the Fuorisalone, will be open until the end of June 2018.




The collection, including claddings for interiors, floors and walls, takes advantage of the innovative and versatile material by MUTAFORMA, relying on tiny TILLA®, the smallest square glass tile in the world [up to 1.5×1.5mm]. This technical feature allowed Gupica to design a collection characterized by different geometries, ranging from the reproduction of large landscape views to antique ornamental patterns for the decoration of walls. [Annamaria Maffina]