A House with a ‘Hi-Tech Skin’ in Symbiosis with Nature

May 22, 2018 admin

In Sokcho, Korea, a minimal house changes its appearance depending on natural light, thanks to its HI-MACS® Alpine White solid surface cladding

The house, with façade and roof entirely clad in HI-MACS® Alpine White, is a project by French-Korean architect Woojin Lim (AEV Architectures) who fulfilled his dream of building a house that could dialogue with nature in his native country. We are in Sokcho, South Korea.This dialogue is made possible by the solid surface with which he covered the house, including the roof. The result is a homogenous and uniform volume, recalling a chalet. The white surface becomes a canvas, the environment a colorful rainbow: the house interacts with the light and changes its appearance depending on the time of the day, the season and the color of the sky, as if it were a chameleon.

The challenge was to ensure durability to a totally white house. Architects generally use classic materials like brick or stone, and, in case of white finishes, they recommend using paint, which can be easily replaced or renovated. Architect Woojin Lim accepted the challenge relying on HI-MACS®, a material conceived for outdoor use, resistant to weathering and time.

The roof, really unusual for a Korean architecture, recalls European shapes and the choice of a 60° angle is not fortuitous: it prevents the surface from being distorted by snow, rain or dust.

Moreover, the cladding is separate from the structure so that rainwater is directed inside it, preventing it from running off the exterior surface, limiting the effects of water and preserving for a longer time the whiteness of the surface, a characteristic shared with the interiors all white of the house. [Valentina Dalla Costa]

Sokcho House in Hi-Macs® is the cover story of n. 144 ‘Of Arch’ magazine: find the wide follow-up