Florence: ‘Opere d’arte e momenti magici’

May 14, 2018 admin

The Gallery Hotel Art in Florence hosts 30 artworks selected by Prato-based Centro Pecci to celebrate its 30thanniversary

Until 31 December 2018, the Gallery Hotel Art  in Florence, at Vicolo dell’Oro 5, will be housing the exhibition ‘Opere d’arte e momenti magici‘ to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci. Founded in 1988, it is the first Italian institution specifically built to present, document and support the most advanced artistic researches. Its collection includes over 1,000 works describing the art scene from the Sixties to nowadays.

The thirty works – exhibited in the Lobby, Library and Fusion Bar & Restaurant of the first Italian design hotel – show, thanks to 21 artists, half a century of visions and experimentations: from the photographic realism of the early Fifties to the digital imagery of the 21st century, passing through pop icons, crossings of images and words, reinterpretations of urban signs and graffiti, poetical and musical experiences, analysis and borrowings from the worlds of communication and movies.

Guido Sartorelli, New York, 1993

The Gallery Hotel Art has art into is DNA: since its opening, it has been a contemporary art gallery, in continuous evolution, interpreting and making the extraordinary vitality of Italian Renaissance contemporary. In any environment, it is possible to breath a very relaxed yet cultivated atmosphere, inspired by the unlimited horizons of great travelers and beauty.

 The Hotel, part of Lungarno Collection  – hotel management company owned by the Ferragamo family – is used to accommodating, in communal spaces, art exhibitions and installations, often allowing the essence and themessage of the displayed works to emerge even on the façade and on the square before it, passing from the entrance.

This art project is sponsored by Prato-based company Manteco (an excellence in the textile industry and a reference point for important Italian and international fashion brands) that celebrates its 75th anniversary also with the aim of favoring the synergy between Prato and Firenze. [Text Chiara Sgreccia – Photo Martino Dini]