Wall Clocks with a Contemporary Design

May 14, 2018 admin

Materium, a Puglia-based company Made in Italy, interprets clocks and mirrors enhancing their materials as valuable decorative elements: at the MDW it presented Shape, the new series

Shape series, designed by Gennaro Lucarelli for Materium: Canaletto walnut mirrors finished in bronze; Canaletto walnut clock with 24kt gold plated elements

The use of the clock as a mere functional object has become obsolete. All of us have smartphones and other devices able to tell us the time and to set the alarm in the morning. This is why a timepiece for the walls of a house has to be not only functional but also of high aesthetic value.Pendulum from the Shape series

At the Fuorisalone 2018, the new Shape series, designed by Gennaro Lucarelli, consisting of clock, pendulum and mirror, was presented.

Sospeso clock by Materium

This is the way Materium designs and produces its collections: they are Wall Watches exclusively made of natural materials, shaped by skilled craftsmen who share their know-how with the company. The passion for design combined with functionality is apparent: each item is the result of the ongoing experimentation in the use of different kinds of materials able to coexist within the same product, and they differ from each other both in shape and mechanism.

Euclide clock by Materium

The materials range from solid wood to precious marble, metal finishes are in polished chrome, black nickel and 24kt gold plating.

Scultoreo clock, marble and 24kt gold plated details

The Wall Watch project can be defined as the synthesis of Materium’s work that, in the field of interior decoration, looks for the perfect harmony between matter, technique and design, focused on measuring time. Each clock is realized as if it were a jewel to be hanged on the wall: preciousness and elegance are apparent, decorations are original and all details are handmade. [Valentina Dalla Costa]