CAFx Copenhagen Architecture Festival

May 05, 2018 admin

4 Danish cities are hosting CAFx: a great architecture festival focused on housing and the macro-themes of global social changes

This is a fervent period for architecture in Denmark with CAFx, the architecture festival that, from 3 to 16 May 2018, is featuring 220 events in different cities: Copenhagen, Aarhus, Aalborg and, for the first time, Odense. The title of the fifth edition is Housing Homes.

Scene from ‘Human Shelter’ movie premiere at Cafx 2018

Since the very beginning, the festival has been a dynamic platform to spread the value of architecture in Denmark and abroad, with the participation of some of the most innovative thought leaders exploring the reciprocal influence between architecture and our life. Lectures, exhibitions, debates, but also bicycle tours are among the offered activities, without forgetting the program of film screenings including the premiere of Human Shelter’ by Boris Bertram, whose main theme is home.

Another frame from the movie ‘Uman Shelter’ by Boris Bertram

It has become the world’s largest festival of its kind and, with this year’s topic ‘Housing Homes’, it deals with this subject also in terms of housing and related topics. It investigates present-day challenges such as climate and demographic changes, migration, rising prices, increased urbanization in Denmark and all over the world, in the past, present and future.

Urbanus, Baode Plaza, China

There are also various sub-themes. ‘Affordable Housing’ focuses on the lack of low cost accommodation for students and those needing social housing in big cities like Copenhagen and Aarhus. ‘Parallel Cities’ illustrates how our cities are increasingly divided between the haves and the have-nots, with a constant risk of inequality, segregation and gentrification. ‘Future Housing Typologies’ examines the connection between demographic data and house planning.

Maersk Tower, Copenhagen, progetto C. F. Moller Architects, completato nel 2017 [Photo Adam Moerk]

‘Home between everyday life and utopia’ explores everyday life in cities designed as modernist utopias that have evolved quite differently than what the architects ideally imagined. ‘Homes without houses’ analyzes the creation of homes in particular situations such as those lived by refugees, homeless people and nomads. ‘Portraits’ spotlights famous architects and their projects. With the initiative Open House, designers and institutions open their houses and studios to share with the visitors the projects they are working on.

The Silo, Copenhagen, edificio costruito nel 2013 per housing e uffici pubblici [Photo Rasmus-Hjortshõj]

In parallel with CAFx, Copenhagen hosts also the opening of BLOX, the new multifunctional center funded by Realdania, on the Bryghus site, designed by Rem Koolhaas and OMA. The building will house, among other organizations, the Danish Architecture Center, which is opening on 7 May with the exhibition ‘Welcome Home’. [Paola Molteni]