[VIDEONEWS] Milan: Frida Kahlo, art and jewels

Apr 27, 2018 admin

At the Mudec, an exhibition of the works of the great artist in the light of their contaminations with Mexican archaeology and ethnography


An exhibition in perfect Mudec style (, between art and ethnology, accompanies the exhibition ‘Frida Kahlo. Oltre il mito’. This is ‘Il sogno degli antenati’ that, until 3 June 2018, is being displayed in the two long glass cases overlooking the central cloud of the museum, in dialogue with the main exhibition. It is an elaborate tale told with archaeological and ethnographic objects from Mexico belonging to the permanent collection of the Mudec, historical photos and images of Frida Kahlo’s works, showing how both the indigenous world and the pre-Columbian past were paramount in her artistic practice. Aztec sculptures, fictile figurines from Teotihuacan, ceramics from Western Mexico, represented a heritage of shapes and meanings used by Frida Kahlo to express the Mexican identity as one of the main themes of her works.

Going beyond Frida’s universally known pop icon and acknowledging the artist’s importance in history is the goal of the main exhibition running at the Mudec, Museo delle Culture di Milano. An extraordinary female figure that belongs to collective imagination thanks to her iconic appearance, troubled life and exotic aura, Frida Kahlo was also and first of all a great painter. The exhibition, resulting from six years of study and research, intends to define a new interpretation of the artist, avoiding contrived reconstructions, systematic or biographical interpretations.

[Text Cristina Provenzano – Photo Carlotta Coppo]

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