Preview FuoriSalone 2018: Ares Line

Apr 15, 2018 admin

‘A i ra’ configurable chairs, Liner sound absorbing tables and the Futon acoustic lamp are Ares Line’s impactful suggestions for the contract field





Ares Line ( ,a brand known for office, collectivity and contract seating, presents ‘A·i·ra’ by BaccoliniDesign: a collection of seats that allows you to add and overlap accessories, change colors and functions maintaining the essential outline of their design.

According to the use, it can be a wheeled armchair, a fixed stool, a bench. Its anti-UV treated cushion or integral padding and the special lacquering make ‘A·i·ra’ suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Thanks to the innovative molding technique, ‘A·i·ra’, with polypropylene monocoque, fixed or wheeled bases, makes it possible to add also colored, customizable inserts to the front and back of the backrest. It is available with four metal tube, steel wire, or wood legs or even in the pyramidal metal versions.

At the FuoriSalone 2018 ‘A·i·ra’ presents two other new products able to improve the quality of the environments, fighting the excess of decibels, i.e. acoustic lamps and innovative sound absorbing tables.

The display, in the area curated by Paolo Pampaloni, in the renovated CasaCDN, the former Ares Line showroom (Milan, via Gian Galeazzo 31), includes the Liner table, providing high sound absorption, and the Futon lighting body, available in the suspension and wall-mounted versions. The colors of Futon’s sound absorbing fabric coverings harmonize with the soft light of the led lamp, designed as a round disk by Fonology, brand of Ares Line, in collaboration with Intra Lighting.

The round or square Liner tables have finishes coordinated with ‘A·i·ra’ and are able to absorb noise thanks to the micro-drilling of the laminate boards and the acoustic cavity: solid colors or wood effect, fixed or folding bases, painted steel in three heights are the characteristics that make them perfect for shared use environments.