Preview FuoriSalone 2018: Jacuzzi®

Apr 14, 2018 admin

The Swimlife™ pool for countercurrent swimming and the VIRTUS spa confirm Jacuzzi®’s role as a protagonist in the wellness and hospitality market

Jacuzzi®, leading company in the field of hot tubs and wellness, will present two new products from 17th to 22nd April (piazza San Marco 2, Brera Design District): the swimming pool for countercurrent swimming from the Swimlife™ line and the VIRTUS SPA.



 Swimlife™ swimming pool

The swimming pool for countercurrent swimming from the Swimlife™ line, perfect for training and keeping or getting in shape again, can be installed in limited spaces, requires minimum maintenance and can be used all year round. The possibility of regulating the temperature of water and the special insulation aimed at optimizing the use of electrical heating and reducing consumption make this pool suitable also for colder climates. Designed for swimming, it has an inner molded shell that neutralizes the bouncing waves and minimizes turbulences. The new swimspa by Jacuzzi®, able to adapt itself to the swimmer, helping him/her achieve better performances, is equipped with specific equipment for water circuit training, designed for any fitness level to tone and strengthen the muscles and the cardiovascular apparatus. Moreover, on Tuesday, 17th and Saturday 21st, in the afternoon, some professional swimmers (selected by Federazione Italiana Nuoto Lombardia) will test the new pool in a ‘virtual’ competition.


VIRTUS is a large spa (250 x 215 cm) able to welcome up to six people in dedicated spaces, offering a completely customized hot tubs experience. The inner shell, with its curved lines, ensures an effective and complete wellness path. The edge, with gutter, and the self-balancing system make it possible to keep water at the ideal level, thus avoiding to keep filling it up; the compensation tanks with integrated sand filter make it easier and more convenient to install it, without specific technical rooms. VIRTUS allows for high energy savings, easy management and cost savings. Ideal for hospitality, this freestanding spa, versatile and advanced, successfully meets the needs of the final user.

The union between Jacuzzi® and sports is confirmed by the company’s collaboration with various ‘brand ambassadors’ – international athletes practicing different disciplines – who are able to confirm how a hydrotherapy session, after a training session or a competition, produces beneficial effects for both body and mind, accelerating the recovery of a full muscular activity. “The best moment of the day” has thus become the new motto of the brand for hot tubs since, after a hard work session, diving into a Jacuzzi® spa becomes the best moment of the day.