C-Stool: a revolutionary office seat

Apr 13, 2018 admin

C-Stool, The Quadrifoglio Group stool, is designed to teach our body to adopt a correct posture and to free it from a sedentary office life

Atelier Studio Borella has created for The Quadrifoglio Group, a company that has been producing office furniture and designing office spaces for over 25 years, the collection of ergonomic office chairs C-Stool.

Designed to teach our body to adopt a correct posture, allowing it to exercise during sedentary office hours, C-Stool aims to improve bad posture habits and make its user regain psychophysical wellbeing.


During the design and development of the seat, armrests and backrest have been eliminated to favor a complete freedom of movement, which is positive above all for creative people.

Stefano e Francesco Borella/Atelier Studio Borella

The inclination of the seat is enough to make the relationship with the user solid and deep. Its design starts from a base made of continuous lines, gently bent to form a C. The solid, shaped and pressed material on which you seat influences people’s resistance to posture changes, leading them to slowly achieve, through a process of assimilation, the right balance of their weight, reaching a new level of health and comfort.