Passo Watch, a bespoke watch

Apr 12, 2018 admin

The campaign to realize the first models of Passo watches, connecting Italy and Switzerland in the name of design, has been launched on Kickstarter

A tailor-made watch with made-to-measure components: this is Passo watch designed by Odoardo Fioravanti, winner of a Compasso d’Oro. The designer has envisioned a tour in the mountains on the border between Italy and Switzerland, being inspired by the shape of Alpine glaciers. This clean-cut design may meet the tastes of watch lovers all over the world. The first Passo watch is Glacier, inspired by the curves of Alpine valleys and the solemn elegance of glaciers. Glacier is an automatic watch, made in Switzerland, available in 4 models: Verra, Gorner, Vedretta and Seracco, named after the glaciers on the border between Italy and Switzerland, and the design of the dial is particularly recessed, evoking a valley floor.

The case and the band are available in two finishes: brushed steel or black iron. It is also possible to have a black leather band with deployment clasp.

Everything is tailor-made: the hands with microperforated hours, the band with the designed mesh, the totally hidden deployment clasp. This is why no standard ‘off-the-shelf’ element has been used.

The brand’s name, Passo watch, is an Italian word indicating the unit of measurement of a mechanism, as well as the pass that joins two sides of a mountain.

The challenge for the realization of these precious watches has been launched on Kickstarter, the most important crowdfunding platform in the world, where funds for the Glacier watch will be raised until 20th April. [Cristina Provenzano]