Preview FuoriSalone 2018: T-Style Life Shop

Apr 12, 2018 admin

Thai design, fashion and culture are at the T-Style Life Shop in the Tortona district for a full immersion complete with shopping occasions


T-Style Life Shop is one of the events organized by Thailand’s Department of International Trade Promotion tailandese during the Milan Design Week 2018: a blend between a pop-up store and an exhibition of Thai products, with references to daily life, fashion, artisanal and eco-friendly objects.

Created to promote and support young Thai designers and entrepreneurs, the event intends to make Thai design known and widespread in the European market. From 17 to 22 April, at via Tortona 5, it will be possible to admire and purchase the products of over 30 brands participating in this initiative focused on the concept of EN-THAI-LY, i.e. the research and promotion of Thai products entirely created in Thailand by Thai designers.

The store will bring its visitors into a heterogeneous environment: between ultra-modernity and Thai tradition, a banana-bookcase will give this venue an original touch. Exotic aromas and pleasant fragrances, typical cakes and energizers such as the exclusive Thai coffee, along with other surprises, will make the full immersion into the world and the culture of this Asian country even more pleasant.

Displayed products will also be sold online on Designplatz, the platform that allows designers to meet design lovers.

In the pictures:

Hammock for pets, by BARKETEK

Bamboo/Rattan Clutch, bamboo, rattan and canvas bag, by BORRIBON

INVERT Black Scale, universal architectural wooden scale, by CARPENTER

Wooden bicycle, by DOTS PLYBIKE

Katve carpet /Mats Collection, by PDM

Hana chairs, for interiors and outdoor, by KENKOON EX

Sputnik seats, by CORNER43

Clock, by LUCKYANG

Liv bag, by PHYA

Up lamp, by DEESAWAT

Z Wallet, by LABRADOR

Ceramic vases, Epoch collection, by PREMPRACHA

Khan Kluay clothes tree, by HARI ORA