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Preview FuoriSalone 2018: Pedini

Apr 11, 2018 admin

Pedini, in Milan, inaugurates its first flagship store and presents the app Hi Pedini that equips the kitchen with artificial intelligence

Showroom Pedini Milano

Pedini opens its first flagship store with the event ‘Spaghetti Design’ (Corso Garibaldi 9, 17- 22 April, 10 am – 10 pm) celebrating Italian kitchen in a space where food meets design, inspired by quality and innovation. On this occasion, Pedini will show the international audience the advanced evolution in design for the kitchen. In the showroom, it will be possible to try Hi Pedini, the most advanced system of artificial intelligence and domotics applied to the kitchen. This unique experience will disclose a future that is already possible thanks to the synergy among Pedini, Microsoft, IoMote and Blum in a perspective of open innovation and contamination, which could create refined and technologically advanced furnishing solutions able to meet current trends and lifestyles.

Showroom Pedini Milano

As a matter of fact, the latest collection by Pedini consists in an even more complete and articulated program of finishes and accessories, as is the case with K016 kitchen, with cutting-edge materials and solutions. An authentic interior design project where shape, matter and color combine with the volumes and spaces of the entire house. Dynamic, modular and articulated, the design concept of K016 offers a new way of interpreting the kitchen and the living area in a continuum that can be adapted to any domestic context.

Cucina K016

In the picture, K016 composed of ‘metal titanio anticato’ lacquered base units, eucalyptus wood wall units, 12 mm thick ‘calce nero’ stoneware top with built-in sink; anthracite aluminum ‘bridge’ accessories, both suspended and on the top, to contain and support kitchen tools; snack counter that can be moved on the top thanks to a special mechanism and the App Hi Pedini that enables a fast and intelligent interaction, able to understand vocal inputs and to accordingly react. Thanks to the cloud computing platform, the voice recognition service based on Microsoft’s artificial intelligence, the sensors fixed on the interior part of the cabinet doors and ‘physical’ vocal assistants, it is really possible to talk to the kitchen, check the consumptions from the smart phone, monitor air quality, receive alerts in case of gas or water leakage, manage the shopping list, find inspiration for new recipes, open and close cabinet doors with a vocal command, wake up with a hot coffee thanks to the possibility of programming electrical appliances, and much more. Hi Pedini is also able to change the kitchen’s lighting colors and intensity to make it more suitable, for example, for the preparation of night time food for babies (low lighting and ‘baby’ mood on), or to activate the movement sensors fixed on the ‘critical doors’ to inform the parents of the opening of cabinets containing dangerous detergents or sharp objects.