Espaço, urban and social project by Piuarch

Apr 11, 2018 admin

At Expo Revestir, São Paulo, Piuarch exhibited the modular platform Espaço for the process of requalification of the residual spaces of the Brazilian metropolis

Architecture firm Piuarch, during Expo Revestir (São Paulo, 13-16 March 2018), presented the project Espaço: an innovative modular system, designed to requalify the urban spaces and enhance processes of micro-transformation within the Brazilian metropolis.

This project, with a urban and social character, consists of a 3D platform, created from a basic plastic module inspired by the Avenida Paulista (a urban icon and an emblematic area in the center of São Paulo), that can be extruded at different heights, creating various elements: flooring, bench, tub for growing vegetables, spot equipped with electrical outlets or for book exchanges. The effect is that of a public space able to generate quality at a far-reaching level, from the favelas to the downtown areas, enriched by functional areas, which can be freely dimensioned according to where it is applied.

This flexible, transformable, economical and customizable system characterized by fuchsia and orange, with a strong visual impact, can be used to build safe and equipped places for meeting, playing and staying, and can improve open spaces near infrastructures, enlarge pedestrian areas, find its way into the lobbies of collective buildings and universities or the grounds of school campuses.

After the fair, Espaço was set up again in the exterior spaces of the CEU Paraisópolis public school as the first concrete step for a renovated and efficient urban network, aiming at spreading all over the city of São Paulo.