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Preview Salone 2018: Artemide

Apr 10, 2018 admin

Artemide’s cutting-edge research continues with high tech lamps that respect the architecture and the environment

The evolution in light technology is such an amazing driver for lighting design that, even if Euroluce is scheduled for 2019, Artemide ( is presenting many new products, continuing its research into the quality and color of light. This brand, which has contributed to the history of Italian design, ranges from interiors to exteriors, from private environments to important architectures, with a steady innovative pace and aesthetic avant-gardeboth in the shapes of the devices and the light they emanate. This attention has been named for years ‘Human light’.

 Pingtan, designed by MAD Architects: an organic shape, resembling a landscape that brings the energy of natural light into the interiors.
 NH1217, designed by Neri&Hu, was created as a table or hanging lamp, a modern shape recalling the essentiality of Asian lanterns, is now available in the suspension and cluster versions (foto xxxxx), with a low-power retrofit LED source.
Gople Lamp, designed by BIG Architects: blown glass, produced according to Venetian tradition, encloses a patented RWB light technology that helps plants grow, creates scenic atmospheres, and provides functional white lighting. (Also available in the simple version with the E27 screw)

Soft Alphabet, designed by BIG Architects: 5 luminous curved lines join the Alphabet of Light, presented last year, to create compositions interacting with the architectural space.

 ‘O’, designed by Elemental, Alejandro Aravena: a circle that illuminates public exteriors only when necessary, on demand. Because if, on the one hand, lighting makes urban outdoor spaces safe, on the other, light pollution alters the cycles in nature. [LB]