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Brera Design District, 5 Vie, Zona Sant’Ambrogio, Montenapoleone Design Experience: the center of Milan becomes a creative workshop!


Be Human: progettare con empatia (‘designing with empathy’) is the theme of the 9th edition of Brera Design District ( that, over the years, has built for itself a central identity in the promotion of design in Italy and abroad, thanks to Studiolabo, the agency and creative studio that organizes it. For April 2018, in addition to a calendar brimming with more than 125 events, cultural initiatives and festivals, it will also include the Lezioni di Design award assigned to Constance Gennari, founder, along with Marianne Gosset, of the project The Socialite Family that, by telling personal stories, reveals everyday places and objects establishing a connection between design and contemporary families’ lifestyle.

BRERA_MAPPA_ illustration by Federico Conti Picamus.

This year’s Ambassadors of Brera Design District are talents who put the emotional-empathetic dimension at the center. Cristina Celestino with Corallo transforms a historic trolley car from 1928 into an itinerant living room with bow-window and, with Fornace Brioni, she will present the Renaissance-inspired ceramic collection Giardino delle Delizie.


Product designer Elena Salmistraro is the new voice for the all-female Timberland campaign DON’T CALL ME: with Dafne she reinterprets and enlivens the oak, the brand’s symbol (Piazza XXV Aprile).


The third ambassador, Daniele Lago, from the furniture brand with the same name, will open the two Appartamenti Lago in Milan to exhibitions of young designers, meetings and workshops.

Brera Design Apartment will be the heart of the district also for the 2018 edition. Raffaella Guidobono’s special project is a route across the rooms of the typical Milanese house and highlights the relationship between design and superior craftsmanship. In parallel to this, 12 designers have been invited to realize an original piece for the launch of the new limited edition collection Souvenir Milano. During the exhibition, it will be possible to purchase the objects designed by  Stories of Italy, Maddalena Selvini, Cynthia Vilchez Castiglioni, Agustina Bottoni, Astrid Luglio, Sara Ricciardi, Giulio Ceppi, Giovanna Carboni, Sour for Bottega Nove, Leftover for StudioF, Giulio Iacchetti and Gio Tirotto.


Many other events and media partners will involve over 300 exhibitors in the creative container of the Brera district, fundamental to discover the new languages of the design scene.



Historic workshops, ateliers, showrooms and innovative concept stores constitute 5VIE (, the oldest area in Milan. History, art and innovation animate the 5th edition of the 5Vie Design Week, a pole enhancing avant-garde design and experimentation. Through transversal projects, contemporary and passionate about handmade, 5Vie intends to enliven this historic Milanese maze of streets.

                  Distretto 5Vie

5Vie Design Week will open in advance, on Sunday 15 and Monday 16 April, with It’s Circular forum dedicated to circular economy and design – hosted by ANCE (Ass. Naz. Costruttori Edili, via San Maurilio 21). Supported by Miniwiz, it will delve deeper into the possible future of an economic system able to regenerate itself. Miniwiz will also present Trashpresso: the first mobile system dedicated to industrial recycling of fabrics and plastic. Waste is transformed on site into tiles to be used for construction.

Related to circular issues, the project Stanze Sospese transforms places of isolation into places of dignity, improving the living conditions of those who are forced to live in rehabilitation centers or imprisoned. My funny trash garden by Maddalena Bellorini is addressed to children as an instrument of environmental and civic education, envisioning a new life for abandoned objects or waste.



At 14, via Cesare Correnti, headquarters of 5VIE, is Unsighted by Nicolas Bellavance-Lecompte: an exhibition project where designers produce items without knowing their context or final destination. With no standard parameters, the project intends to emancipate the designer from traditional notions. Arcadia is an immersive and sensorial installation by Alice Stori Liechtenstein in collaboration with Sara Ricciardi exploring the theme of Legacy. Vegan Design – Or the Art of Reduction by Maria Cristina Didero shows that it is possible to design without materials of animal origin. Valentina Cameranesi’s personal exhibition Panorama describes an apparent comfort zone where disturbing factors, even if they are hidden, affect the unconscious mind.

The old hardware store Meazza, a former reference point and ‘meeting place’ for the citizens of Milan after WWI, now closed, becomes a new creative pole thanks to the reuse of abandoned urban spaces and the spirit of urban requalification animating the district. Nanda Vigo is one of the designers who make this place livelier with the two totems Goral and the light sculptures Light Trees from 1984. Also the info/press point 5VIE will be here, set up by the circular design brand Pentatonic, which works with recycled materials.

Chiaroscuro is the provoking site-specific intervention by Portuguese artist Xana exploring, on Via Bagnara – the narrowest street in Milan, famous for the mysteries surrounding it – the meaning of a place by means of an elegy to life and light, as opposed to darkness, death and the selfishness of the market.

The established collaborations of the district, among which DAMn° Magazine at Palazzo Litta, the provoking show by Seletti with Design Pride, Masterly – The Dutch in Milano at Palazzo Turati, will be renovated along with the new entries Lexus and Lensvelt.

Urban Attitude by Francesco Gerbelli is an engaging project that makes us think about the relationship man/living places and the portraits 5VIE People by photographer Patrizia Calegari show the social side of the district.



Zona Santambrogio Design District (,conceived by Re.urban Studio, offers a continuum of events and projects that, starting from the history of Milanese architecture, goes so far as to envision future prospects of the city.

INHABITS – Milano Design City is ‘our’ amazing FuoriSalone, organized by DDN – Design Diffusion, now in its second edition. A huge exhibition on Piazza Castello and Parco Sempione dedicated to modern living solutions for both urban and domestic spaces. Inspired by Milan’s triennial exhibitions of the early 20th century, it presents the life of future citizens, offering innovative solutions to live in urban and suburban spaces with housing units, materials, technologies, domotics, immersive solutions and visionary architectural installations.

       Piazza Castello

Speech Arena, where talks, open lectures and meetings with special guests from the world of design and architecture will take place.

For further information about our event for the FuoriSalone, read the following article INHABITS: DESIGN DIFFUSION’S SUPERFUORISALONE 2018

Fondazione Albini opens the master’s historic studio highlighting his attention to childhood and autistic and/or disabled people who find it difficult to hold a pencil.

At 49, via San Vittore, in the former convent and the district’s headquarters, the collective exhibition DOUTDESign 2018 is an open question on design, social and environmental sustainability addressed to under 35 designers, innovative start-ups and companies, furniture makers. It will also host the Poltrona Sospesa, a project that has never been realized before, designed by Franco Albini, an example of his ‘pursuit of lightness’, a key principle in his design method.

In the secret garden of the former convent, EAT URBAN FoodTruck Festival is the en plein air scattered restaurant on wheels dedicated to street food, featuring also chef Marco Loy.


Fondazione Achille Castiglioni celebrates the 100th anniversary of the birth of this excellent designer, inviting the most important designers of the world to the party, participating with a gift and a birthday card. NEWLIB, at Palazzo delle Stelline, promotes a European network for the innovation of libraries through Design Thinking.

Avanzamento Progressivo-Altrove festival (via Olona 25) is an workshop in progress, of which the visitors are an essential part with their relationship with the artists and their work. Officine Saffi present The thing in your mind, the first Anders Ruhwald’s personal exhibition in Italy, concerning the sensorial connection established by objects with the environment and architecture, triggering the observer’s memories.

Cascina Nascosta hosts Tokitaly – Shibuya: incrocio tra design e artigianato, the furnishing collection inspired by Alessandro Iovine’s latest journey in Japan, and the exhibition FORO Un altro progetto NO BUDGET dedicated to the 4 issues of the magazine published by Foro Studio, which will close with a great party on 19 April 2018.

The cultural association Akropolis Milano – with the mission to make people discover the secret marvels of the city – offers guided tours of the district.

       Zona Sant’Ambrogio


Renamed as the Quadrilatero del Design during the Design Week, the district will host the “MonteNapoleone Design Experience 2018” ( The luxury shopping streets – Montenapoleone, Verri, Sant’Andrea, Santo Spirito, Gesù, Borgospesso and Bagutta – will become livelier with scenographies between fashion, art and design, for an unmissable event going beyond lifestyle and shopping. A photography exhibition on Via Montenapoleone will display Milan’s architecture, while boutiques and luxury brands, coordinated by Associazione Montenapoleone District, will present installations and collaborations with famous designers and international artists such as Annarita Serra ( who, with the pieces of wood and plastic waste that the Sardinian sea brings ashore, creates works that are at the same time a cry for help for the planet and a strong statement of rediscovered beauty. Shop windows are, thus, enlivened with colors, personal taste and style for the eyes of customers, visitors and passersby, in this marvelous setting.

work by Annarita Serra/via Montenapoleone

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