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At the Sforza Castle in Milan, Inhabits is ‘our’ open-air event revealing future ways of living: you are welcome!

During the whole Milan Design Week, 17- 22 April, the entrance to the Sforza Castle (via Beltrami and the square with the fountain) will be festively invaded by Inhabits, multiple and interactive exhibition organized by DDWorld, the publishing house of the international magazine Design Diffusion News, in collaboration with Killer Kiccen and Unconventional Events.

We are in the Zona Sant’Ambrogio Design District and, on a 10,000 sq m area, we have involved architectural firms and companies to experiment living solutions, between innovative technologies and attention to the environment. This big workshop has led to the creation of residential models and structures dedicated to business, hospitality, wellness and restaurants –all of which can be visited! Our Fuorisalone spreads the design culture, without neglectingshows and entertainment.

The instalaltion designed by Progetto CMR for Design Diffusion





The entrance to the futuristic living hypothesis is located on via Beltrami with the installation by Progetto Cmr that offers aplaying area characterized by lights and sounds, and, below an umbrella-like photovoltaic roof, a relaxation and info point to ‘recover’ from the labors of the Fuorisalone…there are also electric cars available for use!


In the heart of Inhabits, there will be also Piuarch’s vision on our future habitat, which taps into the past in order for us to reestablish a deeper contact with nature. The installation agr-Air proposes a way of living characterized by lightness, brightness, economic use of resources, elimination of the borders between interior and exterior environments and between what is natural and artificial, in balance with earth and air, the elements symbolized by the parallel levels (respectively the lower and upper) of the project.

Inhabits hosts also other interactive installations, in the private and public fields, designed by internationally renowned architects such as Studio Laviani and TAM Associati.

Then, as preview for 2019: a scenography will await for you by Matteo Fantoni Studio will make the square a city parlor where visitors may experience the integration between monumental architecture and nature in an unexpected sensorial relation.

The design city is focused on the house units, easy to build and to transport, essential yet with very advanced domotics, foreseeing nomadism and mobility to live and to enjoy services. They are also able to meet housing emergencies. Next to them, there will be themed satellites where it will be possible to approach products and technologies related to domestic environments and the urban macro environment.

At the Speech Arena, talks, open lectures and meetings with special guests from the universe of design and architecture will alternate every day. We have also thought about children, who, in the Kids Area, can have fun with design-oriented workshops.

In the evening, i.e. from 6 pm to 1 am, entertainment for adults will take place: the big installation above will become a stage for dj setsand performances, with video mapping and light shows.

Lastly, it will always be possible to refresh oneself thanks to 4 cafés and 10 food trucks offering the best Italian street food. For the most discerning palates, in the EXTRA-ordinary taste restaurant area, there will be starred and famous chefs such as Philippe Léveillé, Misha Sukyas and Felix Lo Basso, with dishes expressly created for Inhabits. [LB]

Free admission, opening hours:

from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm exhibition

from 10.00 am to 1.00 am food & restaurants

from 6.00 pm to 1.00 am entertainment