Gacha Gacha by Nendo

Mar 30, 2018 admin


Oki Sato/Nendo and Kaiyodo interpret capsule toys dispensed by vending machines as a symbol of the creative design process 

Capsule toys vending machines originated in the USA and were imported in Japan in 1965. It is easy very easy to use them, all of us did it at least once in our childhood: you just insert a coin into the slot, turn the knob and the toy is there, ready to be taken. In Japan they were called Gacha Gacha because of the typical sound generated by the knob in action.

For this collection, studio Nendo has worked with Kaiyodo, historic leading company in Japan’s subculture scene, creator of miniatures of manga and anime characters, as well as miniature figures related to art, craftsmanship and nature. Thanks to its international collaborations, including the British Museum and the American Museum of Natural History, Kaiyodo has become a reference for collectors from all over the world.

Nendo’s genius is always surprising; this time, the studio decided not to reproduce a miniature version of something real but to give a 3D, physical shape to something that lacks it. Using simple graphic sketches, the figures portray different scenes describing the daily process of generating new ideas. They act as a sort of reminder to keep on one’s desk, highlighting the importance of the creative approach. The collection is composed by 9 elements, each available in different colors and a monochromatic white version, for a total number of 18 figures released in two steps – vol. 01 and vol. 02. Also packaging and vending machines are designed by the studio achieving the same surprise effect as that of the machines that used to dispense candies and capsule toys in our childhood. [Valentina Dalla Costa]