Preview Fuorisalone 2018: DEmark Award and ‘Thai Popism’

Mar 23, 2018 admin

evento DEmark


During Milan Design Week, DEmark Award 2018 will exhibit the best examples of Thai ‘Slow Hand Design’ with a special focus on contract and hospitality

Nine young Thai designers have been chosen by DEmark Award to exhibit their creations during the event that will take place in Milan from 17 to 22 April, ‘Thai Popism’, curated by Eggarat Wongcharit (Asia Pavilion, MegaWatt Court, via G. Watt 15). Their products range from furniture to home accessories to jewelry, which effectively represent the contemporary Thai ‘Pop’ movement. These new products will be divided into four areas: ‘DEmark showcase’, ‘Hospitality and home accessories’, ‘Dining Room & Restaurant’ and  ‘Designers Shops & Showcases’.

As a matter of fact, Thailand can consider the hospitality sector as the most important for its national economy. Therefore, the objects and projects showcased in the area dedicated to contract and hospitality will be particularly highlighted.

Interiors of art and boutique hotels will be installed to show design and craftsmanship projects concerning these specific design fields. As to the restaurant areas, along with tables and seats, there will be accessories related to the food industry.

Lastly, in the shop, it will be possible to buy the products realized by the best designers awarded by DEmark. [Valentina Dalla Costa]



• Better Art Group

• Borribon Craft

• Chanchai Boriboon


• Prempachja Collection

• Salt And Pepper Design Studio

• Plural Designs