Bird Watching Tower in Latvia

Mar 21, 2018 admin

Nyxo Studio unveils plans for an original ‘parametric architecture’: ‘The men’s high nest’ is an observation tower for migratory birds that camouflages into nature

Italian studio Nyxo, founded by Mirko and Michele Daneluzzo and Cristian Li Voi, has recently received a honorable mention for the design of this special, majestic and parametric* (see note) architecture. ‘The man’s high nest’ is an observation tower for migratory birds submitted for the Pape Bird Observation Tower competition organized by Bee Breeders in collaboration with Pasaules Dabas Fonds, Latvia’s fund for wildlife conservation.

The tower has been conceived to perfectly integrate into the natural context of the Pape Nature Park, in southwestern Latvia. This original building allows man to interact with the surrounding nature and to observe the annual migratory habits of about 50,000 birds without being seen.

“Our work is often informed by experiments with concepts and techniques related to neither architecture nor design, coupling science with aesthetics, ecology with politics, simulation with narrative – explain the designers of Nyxo Studio. The team is focused on the articulation and management of complex scenarios, both in design and production processes, using digital computational tools. This means understanding the stratification of the information and exploiting digital simulations to find new structural and aesthetic languages.”

The tower, surrounded by the park’s reeds, is spread over two levels corresponding to the main observation points: one overlooks Lake Pape and another the Baltic Sea. There, it is possible to silently wait and enjoy Latvian landscape. The main structure is made of glued laminated timber, while the secondary structure, realized according to parametric criteria, consists of a series of wood beams with a thatch covering. This natural material gives the structure an organic shape and makes it possible to camouflage it with the natural surroundings. The project becomes an authentic landmark in the park, a majestic structure that can be considered as a real architectural addition to a natural environment. [Valentina Dalla Costa]


  • noteParametricism is a design philosophy developed in 2009 by Patrik Schumacher, architect and director at studio Zaha Hadid Architects. In short, it is used to create architectures by taking advantage of principles that can be inferred from nature, but in a more complex way than the so called organic architecture, since it is based on digital elaborations. As a research program, it can be extended to any design level.