Philips TV Turns 80

Mar 20, 2018 admin

With Philips TV sets we can retrace nearly a century of television shows: from the cathode ray tube to today’s smart TV

During the ’50s/’60s, the television starts changing domestic habits

Philips tested the first TV set in 1928. However, this device, which would revolutionize family’s behaviors, became increasingly widespread only after WWII, and in Italy during the ’60s and the economic boom, as black and white television.

The first TV signal was broadcast on a tiny screen and everybody used to gather around the new domestic ‘theater’, symbol of technological progress and wealth. Momentous events such as Apollo 11’s moon landing, but also TV dramas and popular quizzes could be shared by millions of people for the very first time in history. Finally, in 1977, RAI began color broadcasting in Italy.


In 1984, the Dutch brand announced the production of the hundred millionth TV

In the ’90s we started bidding farewell to the cathode ray tube and big TV boxes: in 1997 Philips produced the first flat screen TV, which has become increasingly appreciated as a design item in our homes since then.


2018: Philips launches the OLED 973 TV model

Today we are in the infotainment era, which has also become interactive. The first Internet-enabled Philips TV was launched in 2009: since then, it has been impossible to renounce smart TV’s functions. Not only are the new Philips OLED 973 TV and Philips 7503 TV aesthetically minimal, they are also based on the new P5 Perfect Picture Engine processor, which is a must for high-resolution streaming, combined with the 3-sided Ambilight technology, providing the spectator with an immersive visual experience. [LB]