Award-winning Cordivari Radiators!

Mar 20, 2018 admin

International awards have been won by Cordivari, which interprets the radiators as signs of ‘pure design’, also adding patented technologies and a special attention to energy savings

Two Iconic Design Awards 2018 have been assigned by the German Design Council to the design radiators by Cordivari Design: innovative interior – winner for E-Sign and innovative interior – selection for Yara. The first (above) is an extra-slim radiator, only 7 mm thick. It represents the evolution of the traditional heated towel rail and its realization was made possible only thanks to the well-established knowhow in the steel manufacturing of the Abruzzo-based company that, since 1972 has become a leading company in Italy in the hydro-thermo-sanitary sector. E-Sign takes advantage of a particular technology that combines two radiating plates, while, from the aesthetic-formal point of view, the ‘invisible’ technical elements enhance its shape. Moreover, it can be installed on both sides and it is available in more than 80 different colors – glossy, matt and textural. Its distinctive rounded profile is a design and a practical plus according to ergonomic criteria (the lateral elements serve as a towel rail). In the ‘Control’ version, with thermostatic head, E-Sign achieves excellent energy efficiency, resulting in energy savings.

Yara (above) is an asymmetrical radiator designed for high-end bathrooms and wellness environments. It ensures high thermal performances and is based on unique technological and design characteristics patented by Cordivari Design. Its comb-like shape has clean-cut lines, without overlapping elements, for maximum surface hygiene. It is, therefore, a heated towel rail and an authentic furnishing element at the same time.

Another award-winning product by Cordivari is Hand (above) that obtained a Special Mention German Design Award 2018 (while in 2008 it was selected for Comfort &Design). It is an example of a good design item that has become a long-selling product: Hand was and still is an innovative single-body radiator. In addition to hot water operation, it is available also in the electrical version, with a digital thermostat on one side, equipped with LCD interface, allowing for both daily and weekly presetting.



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Andrea (above) received the Iconic Design Award 2017 and forms part of Cordivari’s Neo Design series that includes items characterized by essential aesthetics, that can be easily integrated in contemporary architecture. They all share a technological core represented by the knowhow of the 46-year-old brand that shows a concrete interest in energy saving and the preservation and recovery of an ecosystem that could be ‘better than we found it’. In particular, Andrea is made by a unique vertical collector and non-overlapping lateral heating elements; this feature gives it an alternative aesthetic shape too. The Neo Design series includes also the following models: Frame e Frame Inox, Jacky, the above-mentioned Yara, Groove, Roads and Roads STF, Bridge 1.