The Mendinis, Architecture and Laminate

Mar 19, 2018 admin

Triennale Milano will display the ‘painted architectures’ realized by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini all over the world, supported by Abet Laminati

The exhibition ‘Atelier Mendini. Le architetture’ (‘Atelier Mendini. The architectures’) will be hosted by the Triennale di Milano ( from 12 April to 6 May 2018 (during the Salone del Mobile, it will be open until 10 pm and only on Thursday, 17 April, until midnight). The exhibition is supported by Abet Laminati (, the company that has been collaborating for about fifty years with brothers Alessandro and Francesco Mendini. This important collaboration led the vivid colorful surfaces with micro decorations (we can mention the very famous pointillist ‘Proust’ pattern) to become a hallmark of design objects, big buildings and monuments designed by the Milan-based Atelier all over the world. Abet’s laminate is fundamental for the ‘painted architecture’ of the two brothers who, despite their distinctive stylistic elements, have always created a successful teamwork with all the designers working at the Atelier.

The set-up of the exhibition ‘I Mendini. Le architetture’ in Abet laminate, Merletto decorative pattern designed by Atelier Mendini

                                 Portrait of Francesco and Alessandro Mendini [Photo André Otero]

The focal point of the exhibition will be represented by the 26 wood or methacrylate models reproducing their projects. The setting is lined with the Merletto pattern by Abet Laminati, designed by Atelier Mendini (, digital printed and developed by De Rosso ( with Sublitex’s technical support (

Headquarters of the furniture brand Fursys in Chung Ju, South Korea (2018). Designed by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, Andrea Balzari, Young Hee and Bruno Gregori.


Methacrylate model of La Punta, Olympic Stadium, Seoul, South Korea, 2010, by Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, Youn Hee Cha, Bruno Gregori, Giovanna Molteni. Exhibition pavilion at Seoul Design Fair [Photo Roberto Gennari Feslikenian]

There are also photographs of the buildings, videos and drawings, being the first complete exhibition documenting the architectures resulting from the genial creativity of Alchimia and later experiences. Color is the constant element that gives all façades dynamism and creates a deliberate discontinuity with the context, whether it is the Netherlands, South Korea or Sicily.

Henry Glass headquarters and showroom, Mansuè, Italy; project Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, Debora Passaleva, Bruno Gregori, Giovanna Molteni.

Paradise Tower, realized in steel at the port of Hiroshima, Japan, by Alessandro Mendini and Yumiko Kobayashi in 1989; above its model

The geometric volumes differ also in colors. It is possible to look at these models in their hypothetical architectural 1:1000 scale or, on the contrary, as if they were 1:1 scale design objects. It’s all up to the visitor’s perception! The catalogue is published by Electa. [LB]

Publishing house Mediengruppe Madsach, Hannover, Germany. Design 2000-2007, Alessandro and Francesco Mendini, Debora Passaleva, Filippo Ferrari, Lorena Vieyra, Giovanna Molteni, Marisa Alegria Vinha.