goCstudio Revamps Substantial’s Headquarters in Seattle

Mar 15, 2018 admin


Seattle-based goCstudio has transformed a 100-year-old building in Capitol Hill neighborhood into an ultra-modern office

The project is called Substantial, owing its name to the company, a growing digital product studio, that commissioned it. The architects redesigned the entire upper floor of the building to create an open plan office that would accommodate the new needs of the client. The challenge was to create an open plan space that retained the historic feel of the building and enhanced its character defined by exposed brick walls, old growth Douglas Fir beams and warehouse style window walls.

Working closely with the owners, the architects were able to develop the perfect solution  meeting the needs of the ever growing number of events and social programs hosted by the company: a concept that they called ‘The Forum’. This is a place of assembly for both social and business activities, the authentic focal point for everyday office life.

The offered solutions play with the existing materials and their enhancement. The rooms all have large industrial style steel and glass doors as a reference to the history of the building, while, for the 6-meter-long reception desk, the designers used the former steel entry door.

The Forum has become an open space below a large scale skylight adjacent to the entry staircase. Not only is the skylight used as means to allow natural light into the deep plan of the building, but it also naturally draws people into the ‘heart’ of the building. Other important spaces are the two conference rooms (retained from the previous master plan and treated with the same material palette to tie them into the new design), quiet rooms, other conference rooms and phone rooms.

With the restyling of Substatial’s headquarters, goCstudio architects  prove once again their attention to preexisting structures and materials and to comfort, with a special focus on reuse in order to create an interesting contrast between old and new materials. [Text Valentina Dalla Costa  Photography Kevin Scott]

[Text Valentina Dalla Costa  Photography Kevin Scott]