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Preview Salone 2018: Mosaico+

Mar 13, 2018 admin


The glass mosaic Royal Waves by Mosaico+ are ideal for pools, spas and bathrooms, thanks to the extraordinary possible decorations and technical characteristics 

Underwater the mosaic enhances the bright and iridescent colors of glass enamels. The small tiles can be easily used to cover both large and small surfaces – also curved – with surprising aesthetic effects. The tiles of Royal Waves by Mosaico+ can adapt to any size and stylistic need. Mosaic meets refined aesthetics and perfectly combines with wellness.

Technical specifications
Glass mosaic, when in contact with water, is highly resistant and non-absorbent: its colors remain unaltered over time. The Ancient Romans knew it very well and used to decorate their thermal baths with mosaic works.

Decorative solutions
Modular motifs and individual compositions combine with a wide range of plain colors, blended colors and graduated shadings, also in different tile sizes. There are off-the-shelf design solutions suitable to any need.

The decorations of this amazing photo gallery are made with tiles belonging to different Mosaico+ series: Collection Colore: Concerto, Perle, Vetrina Glossy, Vetrina Matt and Doro lines.