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Preview FuoriSalone 2018: Brazil S/A Off

Mar 13, 2018 admin

The exhibition Brazil S/A Off brings Brazil back to Milan with both iconic and new pieces

During Milan Design Week, the project Brazil S/A will come back to Milan for the eight time. Within the spaces of the Bianca Maria Palace Hotel, from 17 to 22 April, the exhibition ‘Brazil S/A Off’ will unveil the soul of Brazilian people through the union of design, art and craftsmanship, thanks to around twenty iconic items and new works realized by Brazilian leading designers.

Alê Jordão will take with himself the iconic Mickey Chair (2012), made from an old and rusty car body, awarded at the Rome Biennale in 2014.

Bench Bombo (2015) by PAX.ARQ, pine wood object with no internal structure, owes its resistance to its particular shell-like geometry.

Juliano Guidi makes his bench Story (2015) using scraps of imbuia, a noble wood that underwent an over forty year old seasoning.

With its small circles on the backrest, the Luis Henrique armchair (2016) designed by Henrique Steyer recalls the ears of the most popular cartoon mouse, reinterpreting with a childish touch the traditional Louis XVI chair.


The seats designed by estudiobola for the Mexerica (‘tangerine’ in Portoguese) collection are simple and elegant.

This year, Alê Jordão will present Bullet, a 40 kg bulletproof armchair, made of stainless steel with backrest and seat in bulletproof glass, an overt condemnation of violence in his homeland.

Ronald Sasson’s Meridiana (2018) floor lamp is functional and elegant.


Flavio Borsato and Maurício Lamosa, estudiobola, will exhibit Luisa (2018), a chair in freijo, a typical Brazilian wood.


Slow design for Ines Schertel who uses wool for the seat of her Violeta stool, new product for 2018.

Ten leather belts, originally used to secure the saddle to the horse, are used by Sergio J. Matos for the Arreio armchair that will be presented at the FuoriSalone 2018.


Marcelo Bilac, for his wood and leather Boomerang armchair (2018), took inspiration from his 10 year old son’s toy.


[Text Giulia Bruno]