Microutopia, a School and Much More!

Mar 12, 2018 admin


Studio FuGa_Officina dell’architettura has designed in Milan the versatile space Microutopia: today it is a school, tomorrow it will be an exhibition gallery…and the day after tomorrow?

Microutopia, designed by Milan-based studio FuGa_Officina dell’Architettura, is a 300 sq m photography school, located within a crafts plant annexed to a building on Via Farina, Isola district, Milan.

The project entailed the complete renovation and gutting of the plant, preserving only its perimeter brick walls, cast iron columns with industrial capital and the reinforced concrete beams above.

The client asked the Milan-based studio to realize a multi-functional space, able to transform the photography school into an exhibition gallery or a space dedicated to events, workshops, conferences, presentations. This explains the choice to create rotating walls that open and close the classrooms, creating different layouts depending on different needs.

Microutopia is the result of the wish to create a small part of the city dedicated to photography. A sort of village for working, playing, meeting and experimenting. Microutopia is an imperfect, deliberately incomplete, versatile and reversible space that can be adapted to different needs. It is a hybrid place that makes it possible to make many experiences. It is a didactic architecture that can unleash anybody’s creative potential. It is a school, a lab, a theater, an office, a museum, a house…it is anything that is needed to be when the need arises.

[Photography Stefano Bernardoni]