Svart, the futuristic hotel that will consume 85% energy less, will be built in Norway

Mar 06, 2018 admin

Architecture firm Snøhetta unveils plans for a ring-shaped hotel in the fjords, within the Arctic Circle, another amazing project.

Adjacent to the Svartisen glacier, near the municipality of Meløy, Northern Norway: this the location chosen for Svart, the first hotel complying with the Powerhouse energy standard in a Nordic climate. The innovative building’s annual consumption rates will be 85% lower than traditional hotels, and it will also be able to produce the necessary energy.

The underlying idea of the project is to integrate it into the environment so that it could find its own place without spoiling the fjords’ natural beauty. For this reason, the hotel will be built mainly in wood and will recall the shape of afiskehjell”, a wooden A-shaped structure for drying fish, and that of a “rorbue”, a traditional house used by fishermen.

The hotel will rise from the Holandsfjorden thanks to water-resistant timber columns extending various meters under the surface. This particular structure will allow the hotel not to contaminate the surrounding environment and will make it almost “transparent”, supporting also a wooden boardwalk where guests can stroll in summer.

As to energy consumption and production, the hotel will take advantage of the climate of the different seasons: while the façade will shade the rooms against solar radiation in summer, replacing artificial cooling systems, the large windows will allow the most natural light in, exploiting the sun’s thermal energy in winter. Moreover, the roof will be covered with Norwegian solar panels.

[Text: Giuseppe D’Orsi]