Famous photographers at work for Low Lita armchair

Feb 27, 2018 admin

poltroncina Low Lita

The iconic armchair produced by SLIDE celebrates its 10th anniversary with a special edition and a photography exhibition at the new showroom in Milan

Some design pieces are similar to characters: this is the case of Low Lita armchair, designed by Paola Navone 10 years ago for SLIDE ( and reinterpreted in the Low Lita Anniversary version, a special edition with an amazing esthetic result, obtained thanks to a research into polyethylene and an innovative production technique.

It was presented at the new SLIDE monobrand showroom (Foro Bonaparte 57, Milano) designed by Roberto Paoli, the brand’s art director and the curator of a photographic exhibition of which Low Lita is the protagonist (until 23 April 2018), not only portrayed but also interpreted by famous photographers.

The exhibition tells the story of the armchair that has immediately attracted everybody’s attention due to its linear and ironic design, comfortable seat and timelessly contemporary lines.

The protagonists of the exhibition are Low Lita and Low Lita Anniversary in the photographs realized by Giovanni Gastel, Claudio Bonoldi and Ezio Mancuccia from the creation of the armchair, plus five new photographic projects by Piero Gemelli, Giorgio Possenti, Miro Zagnoli, Claudio Bonoldi and Ezio Mancuccia.

The exhibition on Low Lita and Low Lita Anniversary is just the first of a two-year-long series of events that will be organized by SLIDE at its monobrand showroom.

In order of appearance:

Low Lita Anniversary

Photograph by Claudio Bonoldi

Photograph and copper sculpture by Pietro Gemelli

Photograph by Miro Zagnoli

Photograph by Ezio Manciucca