The book ‘Alessandro Guerriero: al diavolo Alchimia!’

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Guerriero libro Alchimia


The book traces the path of Alchimia and its founder Alessandro Guerriero, a movement that 40 years ago revolutionized design

For a book is a decidedly provocative title ‘Alessandro Guerriero: al diavolo Alchimia!’ (edited by Cintya Concari and Roberto Marcatti, H2O Editions), but it is what it was disruptive for design the Alchemy movement, in the 70s.

As a group, Alchemy turns 40, and this illustrated book tells the ideas and the cultural path of the charismatic Guerriero that had gathered around him architects and designers like Alessandro Mendini, Franco Raggi, Ettore Sottsass, Andrea Branzi, Riccardo Dalisi, as well as artists, graphic designers and stylists, realizing bold, fantastic, often nonconformist, experiments.

Alessandro Guerriero, who calls himself “non-architect”, founded Alchimia with his sister Adriana in 1976, constituting for the first time a team of designers / producers. In the theoretic Manifesto of the group, Alessandro Mendini writes that the aim of Alchemy is to “investigate the existing great free spaces” among the rules of the disciplines and also, for Alchimia, “it can be hypothesized that coexisted methods of conception and production should be coexistent, mixing crafts, industry, information technology, current and non-current techniques and materials”.

Multifaceted and brilliant, Compasso d’Oro 1982, Guerriero founded journals (OLLO Rivista senza Messaggio, from 1988) was a set designer and his strong supportive spirit led him to work in prisons and to continue with important charity projects at the Milan Triennale. He founded Domus Academy, the learning workshop Futurarium of Ravenna, the free school Tam Tam, and was president of Naba, New Academy of Fine Arts in Milan. (Giulia Bruno)


  • The book ‘Alessandro Guerriero: al diavolo Alchimia’, presented at the ADI in Milan
  • From left: Alessandro Guerriero, Roberto Marcatti and Cintya Concari, co-curators of the book
  • From the book: fountain project by Alessandro Guerriero