Prehistoric tools for avant-garde chefs

Feb 16, 2018 admin

Primitive Kitchen hi-Macs


In Primitive Kitchen Tool, the kitchen of the future is inspired by past traditions and rediscovers forgotten manual skills

Award-winning chefs are able to combine molecular cuisine and local traditions. But no one, before the Swedish designer Erik Bele Hoglund, had thought of providing them (and those who do amateur cooking) with tools inspired by prehistory. Bele Hoglund has actually in-depth studied flint, a material worked by Paleolithic men for creating multipurpose tools and designed the set Primitive Kitchen Tool – in acrylic rather than in stone – which is reminiscent of flint, combined with an uneven worktop. It actually follows the curves and the grooves of the natural surfaces. This is possible thanks to the thermoformability of Hi-Macs®  (LG Housys Europe): this is how the element seems to be obtained from a single block of matter.

Without electrical or electronic devices, on this special table, manual skills are thus rediscovered: with the sharp part of the ‘stone’, you can chop and slice (with blades of different sizes); while with the rounded part of the handle you can crush and grind food. In this way you better feel the consistency and essence of food.


Photo: Erik Bele