The ceramics of a great name of design

Feb 12, 2018 admin

Ugo la Pietra vasi

The ‘Ceramiche mediterranee’ by Ugo La Pietra, the eclectic craftsman who turns 80!

Eclectic researcher, non-conventional designer, great experimenter of applied arts, promoter of a synthesis between architecture, design, crafts (ceramic art), music, painting, Ugo La Pietra is an architect, designer, artist, cartoonist, editor, teacher. In 2014, Triennale Design Museum in Milan dedicated him a major exhibition on the different moments of his research through prototypes that shed light on his always changing points of view, and which have revolutionized established canons.

Now, on the occasion of the 80th birthday of the master and twenty years of collaboration, the Milan-based gallery Fatto ad Arte has exposed the Ceramiche Mediterranee by Ugo La Pietra, made by the Florentine ceramics master Sandro Da Boit. They are typical objects of the ancient Italian peasant cultural tradition, used in everyday life but ‘with playful’ dimensions to express symbols and functions beyond themselves. In the new interpretation of Ugo La Pietra, vases for the garden, pitcher and basin to wash your hands, laces and crochets, become precious contemporary collectible pieces also thanks to the refined finishes.

(Giulia Bruno)

The photos in the gallery in progressive order

  • Fluted vases
  • Ugo La Pietra
  • Drawings by Ugo la Pietra
  • White and blue series
  • Drawing by Ugo La Pietra
  • Rustic vases