“La meraviglia” di Andy Fluon on show

Feb 06, 2018 admin

andy fluon

An exhibition that wants to bring visitors to discover the universal feminine through fluorescent visions

In Milan, until February 26th 2018, will be held the exhibition “La meraviglia di Andy Fluon” displaying the works of Andy Fluon, a prominent Italian artist able to bring overwhelming expressions on canvas in an innovative dimension, rich in emotional impact and technical mastery.

The fifteen works, which represent a revisited cross-section of contemporary pop culture, are on display at the Terrazza Duomo 21, a welcoming and exclusive location used very often to host the city’s most glamorous events.

If you have the opportunity during your relaxation and leisure moments, let yourself be fascinated by the eccentric fluorescences of this curious and original artist, among drinks, lights, colors and stretches of the historical center.

La meraviglia di Andy Fluon

Terrazza Duomo 21

via Silvio Pellico, 2 Milan