Color of time at the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design, Japan

Feb 02, 2018 admin

A rainbow tunnel made with thousands of paper numbers to experience with your senses the flow of time

An installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux, architect, designer and artist known for her multi-sensory works characterized by bright colors with three-dimensional effects, Color of Time recently enlivened the halls of the museum of art and design of Toyama, in Japan.

120,000 numeral figures (from 0 to 9), floating in a grid-like structure with 100 layers, each indicating a time of the day.

In the installation by Emmanuelle Moureaux, the sensorial element, the color, therefore meets the mathematical one, the time.

Initially pale as the shades of dawn, the color becomes intense and darker as the visitor goes deeper in the tunnel: the passage of time is therefore perceived through the chromatic changes.

The black at the end of the tunnel marks the end of the day and the arrival of the night.

Exhibited at the Toyama Museum of Art and Design from last November to January, Color of time will be soon be displayed in other locations.