Kinetic art on show in Bologna

Jan 25, 2018 admin

arte cinetica


Revival of the artistic avant-garde that thrilled Dino Gavina, entrepreneur and key player in the history of Italian design

The exhibition ‘I CINETICI di Dino Gavina e il centro Duchamp’ in the context of Arte Fiera – Art City Bologna 2018 ( involves several locations of the city, from 31 January to 6 February. A real must-see for fans of art and of the art trend that in the ‘60s inflamed the brilliant entrepreneur of design Dino Gavina, so as to make him exhibit many works of this avant-garde in his shops in Italy, as well as to encourage him to create the Duchamp Center. The exhibition is indeed a tribute to his figure and to the creative energy of that unique time: it was ’68, revolutionary year also for art. And exactly Kinetic and Programmatic art referred to technology and industrial production (Gavina was the founder of Gavina SpA, but also of Flos and Simon). It is therefore an opportunity to see 50 works, gathered together, by Julio Le Parc, Marina Apollonio, Edoardo Landi, Ennio Chiggio, Manfredo Massironi, Hugo Demarco, Angel Duarte, Xavier David, Getullio Alviani, just when the art market is enhacing their ‘art in movement’. Info on FB:


Pictures in order of appearance

1) Ennio Chiggio with one of his works

2) Disposizione stellare (‘Star arrangement’), work by Ennio Chiggio

3) Installation for an exhibition by Ennio Chiggio

4) Hugo Demarcos kinetic theater

5) Dinamica Circolare (‘Circular Dynamic’), by Marina Apollonio