Cristophe Guinet meets Reebok for floreal sneakers

Jan 23, 2018 admin

In Cristophe Guinet, nature meets cult brands resulting in original floral artworks

Born in Paris, Cristophe Guinet grows between the city and the countryside, always maintaining a strong link with nature.

As a child he develops a passion for plants and flowers, especially for orchids, enchanted by the beauty and delicacy of their petals.

Then he gets closer to the city and some of his “fetishes” (skateboarding, the fashion world), and he develops an interest in art, street art in particular.

In Paris he gave life to The Seize, a collective that deals with graphic design, art and communication.

However, the effects of industrialization, manipulation, and how human thought was changing, worry him a lot. The interest in raw materials, and the love for nature, always stronger, that he contemplates and draws inspiration from, leads him to new forms of expression.

In Guinet’s works, nature meets art and expresses itself through the most different means, including collage, photography, graphic design, illustration and sculpture. Here, the artistic process is an integral part of the work of art, fragile and ephemeral like a bouquet of flowers.

Among his latest projects, Just grew it! The reference to the Nike slogan expresses the artist’s desire to reconcile with the world of consumption, erecting “poetic bridges” between cult brands and the world of nature. The result is complex and delicate compositions in the style of Arcimboldo.