BI-CITY: Biennale of urbanism/architecture @ Shenzen

Jan 23, 2018 admin

The seventh edition of BI-CITY is in progress and is inspired by two important issues: urbanization and architectural development

It began last December and will last until March 17, 2018, the seventh edition of Bi-City, the Biennial of Urbanism / Architecture of Shenzen curated by Hou Hanru, artistic director of MAXXI, National Museum of the XXI Century Arts based in the Rome’s Flaminio district, and Liu Xiadou and Meng Yang, co-founders and directors of Urbanus Architecture & Design Inc.

The event involves more than 230 participants, over 25 countries, some of the most prestigious architects, scholars and artists and the best-known international universities and institutions. This edition, dedicated to the theme of urban village, puts itself to the test by carrying out an unprecedented experiment, that is, disseminating more than 200 works on the streets of Shenzen, chosen thanks to an open call, with the aim of challenging the traditional way to exhibit and increase participation and interaction with the public.

The program includes several events, among which we would mention the exhibition Cities, Grow in Difference, curated by Hou Hanru, which investigates the development and role of the coexistence of future urban villages and their role in the rapidly-expanding cities of China.

For the occasion, the Hungarian architect, designer and urban planner Yona Friedman presents three site-specific projects of the Street Museum and the PINGHÉNG project of the Spanish collective Boa Mistura (a creative work on the facade of the Old Factory Building).

The projects by Friedman were realized with the support of MAXXI, started by Hou Hanru and co-curated by Elena Motisi, curator of MAXXI.