Helen Street, Seattle (USA)

Jan 10, 2018 admin

helen street

A town house for those dreaming of the countryside

They used to live in the country with their two dogs, in a large rural estate east of Seattle. However, life changes, work sometimes forces us to make choices. And so the couple goes to live in the big city. With the dream, however, not to lose all the privileges – light, green, silence, privacy – of the country house from which they started.

And so, in Seattle the two identify a particularly green neighborhood (next to Washington Park Arboretum), the right house, and entrust the MW Works studio with the task of adapting it to their needs.

With a limited budget, the couple asks the architects to shape a house with a modern taste, full of light, with a harmonious distribution of space.

“Above all, the owners described a quiet design integrated with landscape that would create a tangible calmness in the home,” said MW Works, which has also updated a mid-century modern home in the city”.

The heart of the project is the central courtyard, an important source of light and the organizational hub of the interior spaces. It is a private outdoor area, not visible from the street thanks to steel panels and wire mesh that serves as a wall for climbing plants.

Green areas mark the sunny east and south areas. The back patio is characterized by wood decking, interrupted here and there by rock parts.

In terms of materials, the studio opts for an essential palette, made of concrete panels and weathered cedar planks for the roofing.

The outdoor chimney and the external shelter, which help to anchor the house to the courtyard, are finished with blackened reclaimed timber.

Photo by Andrew Pogue