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bici vintage


It is a journey into the world of two wheels –  the vintage ones –  those that have a soul and a story. We are talking about Gianluca Zaghi, a great fan of bikes and very fond of refurbishment, who tells us about the secrets of craftsmanship, as well as tools and tricks of the trade, to create masterpieces of engineering and technique. This year, bicycle turns two centuries and we are increasingly witnessing a rebirth of this cheap, sustainable means of transport, perfect for those who want to stay in shape. The book by Gianluca Zaghi’s Biciclette vintage, edited by Mondadori Electa, tells the fascinating world of restoration that also reveals the many therapeutic effects when “hands are dirty to clean up the soul.”

It starts with the creative one, who can make an old bicycle running, freely choosing something that can embellish it: what we have is just a frame, and we can indulge on giving vent to our creativity. If the goal is to preserve the historical value of the bicycle, we can focus on conservative or total restoration. The first is undoubtedly the cheapest and easiest to perform, without resorting to other professionals. With a bit of experience and time, this kind of restoration can be carried out by anybody. Total restoration, unlike conservative, is more difficult and expensive. It may also require other professionals, such as for professional painters the frame or for chrome plating some pieces. It’s up to you.

Txt: Diego Parni

Photo courtesy: Biciclette vintage by Gianluca Zaghi, Mondadori Electa

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