Ohaly – Israel

Jan 05, 2018 admin


Art and design blend with the Israeli designer Itay Ohaly.

Itay Ohaly is an Israeli designer whose work ranges from products and space design to experimental and conceptual projects. He examines new possibilities for interactions and creation of new design language, with great focus on design processes and methods.

‘Lamp No Canvas’ started with an experimental project called Lamp On Canvas, a work that includes a table lamp and a painting. The body of light, constructed as an elementary expression of a self-built light source, is defined by a pyramid-shaped wooden base, a metal rod, a cable with a bulb socket and a light bulb.

The process of assembling and painting these components is recorded on the canvas: each of the lamp’s elements, once covered with a layer of paint, is used as a stamp. The canvas, a real work surface on which the painting and assembly was carried out, retains the excess colour of the single pieces and reveals how the author carried out the work. Mounted in a frame so as to become a real painting, it presents an abstract transposition that makes the entire process of the production process of the three-dimensional objects manifest.

This project is re-examining the importance of presenting the making process of an object while trying to find a new way to document it. Here, the process of assembling and painting the lamps components is recorded on the canvas, creating a painting. As a result, the making process itself becomes an object, questioning “which one is more important?”.

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